Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 27- SEE FILM RUN

Come on down!!
It's the 10th annual Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham, AL! 10 years of independents! This is a truly unique and special event and it's very close to my heart. I'm an aspiring filmmaker living in Birmingham, and I'm so lucky to have such a fantastically fun festival just minutes away.

Plus, this is my third year to have a film shown in the festival! (If you're in the area, it'll play on Sunday at 3pm at the McWane Center as part of the Teen Filmmaking Competition)

Last night was opening night, and the gloriously fun "Adventures of Power" played at the breathtaking Alabama Theater. Seriously, if you're ever in Birmingham, check out the Alabama Theater downtown. It was built by Paramount in 1927 and is literally a movie "palace". Plus, awesome bands play there all the time.
Anyways! As I was saying- "Adventures of Power" is a heartwarming indie directed by and starring Ari Gold (who came for a Q&A after!) along with Adrian Grenier and Jane Lynch. Totally cute!

42 feature indies are playing this weekend, many accompanied by their stars and filmmakers. Birmingham is such a cool scene and this is such a cool weekend. It is an amazing thing, so join us if you're in the area, or come by next year if you're not!

P.S. I'll fill you guys in if I win my competition!

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