Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 28-Suddenly

Well, I think I realized today that I am fully an adolescent.
  • easily frustrated with parents/authority figures: check
  • increasingly interested in the opposite sex and/or sexuality: check
  • seeking independence: check
  • greasy hair/acne: check
Ah yes. Haha, the transformation is complete. I remember when I was little, my science class watched a video called "Teen Dreams", one of those videos that everyone watches at some point and whose images never escape the sub-conscience. I always thought: well I'm not going to be like that! Angry at my parents, obsessed with makeup. But it's really a transformation that's against your will. I don't feel like I've lost myself though. I still love my family more than anything in the world. I don't party or do drugs, and it disappoints me when my friends do. I don't have sex and I don't dress provocatively. I am ultimately an open, very creative person. I love the world around me, and I simply want to explore it more. Sure there are the rebellious teenagers out there, partying and "not giving a fuck". But there are a lot out there like me. Young adults with good intentions but way too big dreams.

Suddenly, we're who we never thought we'd be.

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wingsforben said...

your writing is amazing. for sixteen, you sound really mature. i'm seventeen and its really refreshing to read the thoughts of someone who hasn't been conformed to the standards of the world. i just started my own blog so i figured i'd look around to see whats going on.(in case you care...or even read this). if you want to write back, i'd love to hear it.