Thursday, August 13, 2009

YIKES! Bending Metal!-August 13


Yesterday I was rear-ended in a parking lot for the first time! Actually, the accident was also my fault, but the guy had a pick-up truck, so only my little aluminum foil Camry LE got bruised... I feel bad because he and his friends were very sweet. :( However, the reason I am posting this is to let you guys know exactly what to do in one of these small accidents (because I forgot completely)!


1) If you are still living at home, call your parents first thing! It may be painful, but chances are they will be more worried about your safety and what to do next.

2) Call the police! If the damage is visible, you will need a police report!

3) Exchange information (FULL Name, Address, Phone Number, License Plate #). You will also need their insurance card to write down their provider and policy number. Technically it is illegal in most states to drive without your insurance card! If the damage is the other person's fault primarily, call the insurance provider, give the policy number, and explain the situation.

4) If you haven't already, call a family member!!

Most importantly, don't get in an accident! Of course that is not completely under your control, but you can help prevent it!

1) ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS look EVERYWHERE when you are backing out.

2) DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE. Seriously, it is terrifying how much a simple text message can lower your awareness while driving!

I hope I didn't freak you out, I just wanted to remind you guys!

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