Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zooey and Joseph, Summer and Tom-August 11


I am jumping back on the saddle of blogging, without fear of being ignored or unsuccessful. If people read, they read, if they don't, they don't. I hope to blog about movies, music, and the ever-important process of applying and getting into American universities.

Anywhoo, I am here to talk about (500) Days of Summer!

Let me start by saying that I have been waiting to see this movie forever. It isn't everyday that a film trailer grabs my attention to the point of heart-pounding excitement. As soon as two of my all-time FAVORITE actors (Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel) lit up the screen, I was hooked. After the insanely cute- "I love the Smiths! 'To die by your side is such a wonderful way to die'"- my breath had left my body. I was re-watching those few moments endlessly.

However, as unlikely as it is that a film trailer grabs my attention, it is even less likely for a film to live up to its promises.
That was the unfortunate case here.

The two things to adore about the film are the clothes and the music. I would give my soul to the devil and sell my body to the black market for Summer Finn (Zooey)'s wardrobe. The soundtrack is a total must-have.

The movie itself? Annie Hall. I'm not saying that lightly, this movie WAS Annie Hall! The men's pants, the club singing, the depressing last days, right down to the actual plot line! I didn't realize it at the time, but after my Woody Allen-fanatic brother pointed it out, it was all I could see! The only difference is that Tom (Joseph) isn't the witty crackpot. I really adore Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but his character doesn't really grab you.

Overall, it IS worth seeing. It's enjoyable and sweet, and has an unexpected message about romance. It is definitely different from any "romantic comedies" out there. My only mistake was expecting it to be the "Jesus" to my "blind man". It wasn't THAT good. :D

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